Miscellaneous Thought – 27 August 2017


Miscellaneous Thought

Here in short form is the biblical answer to how we work our way through a trial without giving up on life, on others or on God. We have to be patient, knowing we still have God standing with us. He has not left us, but we have to remain standing and find out what He has for us to learn. And we will learn through all the experiences of life.

We cannot escape the coming trials. No matter how “good” we are or think we are, no matter what we believe or don’t believe, we’re going to pass through difficult experiences. The key is to face them with grace and with God. Face them and determine to work through them to the end, whatever that end might be. When we’re patient, we’ll develop positive experience. Trials will end and we continue on. The hard times pass and with time we heal. It’s then that we’ve learned something about ourselves, about God and about life.

With patience, we have gained experience. With that experience we better know how to work through the next difficulty. With that experience we’re also prepared to help another person going through the same thing.

Romans 5:5; 5And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.”

With hope, we can meet each trial with determination and get through it. God uses our trials to fulfill His promise, to perform His salvation. We can see each trial to its end. And if the end is tragic, hope can pick us up and move us down the road and help us get back into the game.

We can encourage those who are going through trials. Our hope becomes a beacon for others. We honor God by enduring and not turning tail and running from Him or from life. Hope keeps us from anger and denial.

This life is filled with challenges. Sometimes these challenges will push us to our very limits – physically, emotionally and spiritually. But thankfully we aren’t limited by our own strength. As Paul explained,

Philippians 4:13; 13I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  

In fact, Christ lives in the hearts and minds of believers to help us succeed.

Galatians 2:20; 20I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” 

Remember that when the burden feels too great to bear and you’re in danger of losing hope, hope remains alive because Jesus Christ is alive. You can fill the hole in your life with a new hope that only a relationship with God through Christ can provide.

We are created in God’s image,

Genesis 1:26;26And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:…”

….and He through His risen Son can help us in any challenging trial and difficult period of our life. These challenges are opportunities to grow in the undeserved favor of God in Christ.  The hope that may be missing in your life comes through the knowledge and assurance that we are saved by His life  – the awesome, invincible life of Jesus Christ, the life He wants to live in us. 


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Ephraim J. Stockwell, Born 30 May 1926 in Howell, Michigan, USA; Grew up on a farm in Uniontown, Pennsylvania; Served in Army during WW2 in European Theater of Operations; College in West Virginia, majoring in Physics and Electronic Engineering; Employed by NASA Headquarters, Wash. D.C. as Head of Network Operations (Retired), Husband of Joan Morgan Stockwell, father of 3 sons; Jack, Mark and Rick; Family includes 17 grandchildren and 42 great-grandchildren.
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