Scripture – 28 September 2015

The size of the Bible overwhelms many and, even if you do start to read it, it is hard to just get past the Book of Genesis.  So, I have prepared a list of those chapters that you should consider studying just to learn what God and His Word is all about.  If you read these chapters, I believe you will develop a desire to read the entire Bible.  please read them in the order that I have outlined and you will find the reading to be most profitable – both in scriptural knowledge and enjoyment.





____BOOK____                      ____        CHAPTER____


EPHESIANS                                                    5


GALATIANS                                                    5


JOHN                                              14,15,16,17


ROMANS                                                 6,8,12


1 TIMOTHY                                                     2


EPHESIANS                                                 4,6


JOHN                                                     1,3,4,5


MATTHEW                  5,6,7,13,24,25,26,27,28


JOHN                                   11,12,18,19,20,21


ACTS                                                           2,3


1 CORINTHIANS                                        6,15


2 CORINTHIANS                                       4,5,6


PROVERBS                                                     3


PSALMS                                               1,27,37


Reading these chapters of the King James Bible will provide a good acquaintance with the Will of God – and once you know this, you will never have a problem in knowing what to do.  Ignorance is the greatest destroyer and the cause of much heartache.  This study will motivate you to greater consecration and devotion to the service for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


REMEMBER: Read the chapters in order as listed!

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